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Refuge La Crusc Santa Croce

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The heights of taste in La Crusc

La Crusc is an experience for all the senses, for the soul, for the palate. The flavours of this land tell of its story, its identity and its roots with every bite. Expertly crafted and brought to the table in traditional refuges, La Crusc is a wonder to be experienced, admired – and savoured.

Utia rifugio la crusc santa croce estate 2
Utia rifugio la crusc santa croce inverno
Interni stube rifugio la crusc
Kaiserschmarren utia la crusc
Interni stube rifugio la crusc 2
Roda dles saus utia la crusc

La Crusc 2 mountain station

One of the area’s oldest refuges (and the only one offering overnight stays in summer), it welcomes guests at the foot of the majestic Sas dla Crusc, offering delights both for the palate and the eyes in the setting of a traditional stube, a wood-panelled room. Its Kaiserschmarrn – shredded sweet pancakes – are legendary!

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Loc. La Crusc, 1 - 39036 BadiaP. +39 0471 839874lacrusc.com
Refuge Le in Badia
Canederli con capucci
Interni Rifugio Utia Le Alta Badia 2
Utia Le La Crusc Santa Croce
Piatto Roda dles saus Utia Le Alta Badia
Interni Rifugio Utia Le Alta Badia

La Crusc 1 mountain station

Sheltered from the wind, the terrace is the setting for convivial gatherings that combine (local) flavours and views. The culinary highlights include charcoal-grilled meat, homemade ravioli and dumplings, with gourmet dishes also available. Junior guests (of all ages) will also find a delightful surprise... the animals in the mini zoo, just a short distance from the refuge.

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Via Lè, 4 - 39036 BadiaP. +39 347 238 3927rifugiolee.it
Rifugio Nagler estate Alta Badia
Gnocchi Rifugio Nagler
Rifugio Nagler La Crusc
Tagliatelle alla selvaggina Rifugio Nagler
Furtaies Utia Rifugio Nagler Alta Badia
Rifugio Nagler inverno 2
Gnocchi alla romana Rifugio Nagler

La Crusc 1 mountain station

The spacious, sun-kissed terrace offers tasty dishes accompanied by breathtaking views. The interiors, of precious, well-maintained antique wood, reflect the warmth of Ladin hospitality and give each dish an authentic flavour of traditional cuisine with a modern touch: föies da soni cun craut (potato fritters with sauerkraut), cajincí (stuffed potato doughnuts ) and Apfelschmarrn (shredded sweet pancakes with apple). Each dish is a feast!

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Via Lè, 4 - 39036 BadiaP. +39 335 693 2118utianagler.it
Ütia L'Tamá on the ski slopes of Badia
Kaiserschmarren Ütia L'Tamá
Bis Dumplings and Cascencí – L'Tamá Alta Badia
L'Tamá during summer
Crafuns Mori Utia L Tama
Interiors Ütia Refuge L'Tamá

Ski slope La Crusc

This small hut in rustic style features centuries-old beams and offers typical Ladin cuisine using local products. Each visit is an experience: the kitchen garden, carefully tended by its owner Helga, is a journey into the flavours of the vegetables, spices and Alpine herbs that are also used to enrich the dishes served in the hut. Reachable by car or on foot. Evening meals upon reservation.

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Str. Rainé, 25 - Badia 39036P. +39 333 4918190FacebookInstagram
Ranch de Andre Armentara Alta Badia
Ranch Andre inverno

Armentara Meadows

The Ranch da André is located at the end of the snowy Armentara Meadows and can be reached on foot – or snowshoes, sledges, sealskins or even fat bikes – from Santa Croce, Valgiarëi (Badia), Furnacia (La Val) or Spëscia (La Val). The restaurant offers homemade Ladin dishes, such as its famous turtres filled with spinach or sauerkraut, speck dishes and local cheeses. Special dinner menus are also available on request. There are spectacular views of the Dolomites from the foot of Sas dla Crusc.

Nordic skiing is also possible on the Armentara Meadows, snow conditions permitting.

Badia Pub 1
Badia Pub 5
13 Badia Pub


Our pub, pizzeria and restaurant is located in Badia, near the River Gadera, where you can also find the starting point of the path that runs along it, connecting all the villages in Alta Badia. Our sun terrace is ideal for relaxing to the melodic sounds of the water.

The friendly atmosphere makes it a meeting point for young customers as well as those who are young at heart. The varied cuisine offers pizza, tasty traditional dishes, snacks and different kinds of burgers. A cold beer or one of our excellent other drinks is a must when in company.

We have ample parking and can easily be reached from the main road over a small wooden bridge. La Crusc/Santa Croce ski lifts are just a two-minute walk away.

The Clara family look forward to seeing you!

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Str. Pedraces, 53 - 39036 BadiaP. +39 351 327 9791badia-pub.com
Rifugio Ucia de Fanes 1
Rifugio Ucia de Fanes 2

Fanes Alp

At the Fanes refuge, tradition can not only be tasted... but also inhaled in the traditional stube, a wood-panelled room containing ancient and valuable memorabilia, with each item telling both its own story and that of the hut. Max and his wife Petra offer Ladin and Alpine cuisine, a wine list with the emphasis on South Tyrolean labels, as well as a selection of classic international dishes. The Fanes refuge is the perfect place for a tasty break – whether a simple platter of cold cuts, or more sophisticated dishes and desserts.

Ucia Lavarella iste
Ucia Lavarella foto logo birra Ga Beer

Fanes Alp

Michaela Frenner, the heart and soul of the Lavarella refuge, personally takes charge in the kitchen. Her menus range from typical Ladin and Tyrolean dishes to grand classics of Mediterranean and international cuisine, with succulent meat courses and delicious desserts, always with a preference for regional and fresh ingredients, along with carefully selected and processed products. Also to be sampled are the beers made by Michaela and Hanspeter’s son-in-law, Gabor, who prepares them at Europe’s highest microbrewery.

Luch Alfarei Alta Badia 2
Ingresso Luch Alfarei Alta Badia
Tutres Luch Alfarei
Ristorante Luch Alfarei Alta Badia
Affettati Luch Alfarei


An unforgettable experience: the flavours of Ladin tradition meet the unique ambience of one of the oldest farmsteads in Alta Badia. Built in the late Romanesque era, it is nowadays run by the Piccolruaz family as a charming setting in which to taste homemade dishes, speck and ricotta cheese produced in-house. Lunch and dinner are available upon reservation.

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