Enjoy the ladin way of life in Alta Badia

Walk from La Crusc towards the Armentara meadows

Walking in La Crusc

Walks to the rhythm of happiness

Happiness hides in the scent of the larches, in the green of the meadows, in the songs of the birds that accompany you along the way, in the solemn majesty of the mountains. Seize it, with every step, every breath, on the paths of La Crusc.

To live and breathe nature in La Crusc

You don’t need to climb a 3000-metre peak for thrills: all you need is the simplicity of taking a walk, the freedom of the mountains and the happiness of a day out with the family. The paths of La Crusc in Alta Badia will lead you to the heights of emotion, welcoming not only experienced hikers but also budding junior explorers in search of new and amazing discoveries in the surrounding green wonderland... or in the SummerPark, a fairytale world where nature and play combine to offer legendary adventures at every turn. An excursion to La Crusc is an experience to be enjoyed... and savoured, in the refuges that serve up the most authentic flavours of Ladin tradition.

And, to realise your idea of happiness, browse the excursions and set off in search of wonders!

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