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The height(s) of fun in Südtirol

A trail that winds its way between myths, legends, adventures and games, where emotions are tinged with green and fun smiles down on you at every turn. La Crusc SummerPark? Simply dolo-mythical!

The Dolomites for kids

Alta Badia is a land to be explored – whether walking, breathing, just listening and... playing, amid symphonies of scents, colours and stories that reflect the Ladin heart at its most authentic, weaving a magical web of Nature, History and Legend. La Crusc SummerPark is an open book, one where adventures are linked by a single thread: the fabulous legends of the Kingdom of the Fanes. Explorers young and old can embark on a journey of discovery to the mysterious Dragon’s Cave, take on challenges such as the gold hunt, the battle of the marmots, a target practice game, the marble race... and much more besides! There are plenty of adventures to be had in this green, sun-kissed summer amusement park with its giant wooden loungers inspired by cute mountain creatures, water games with mills and channels, and a little hut with a photo exhibition and illustrated books – not forgetting the themed trail on the topic of wild animals, where special stamps can be collected and an exciting treasure hunt awaits.

And then there is Mother Nature, the muse who will inspire you and, under the skies of Alta Badia, welcome you to the relaxation area of the SummerPark, allowing your creativity free rein: everything is in place for a workstation in Südtirol! And, never far away, are the Dolomites, for families and for fairytales!

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Legends of the Rëgn de Fanes - SummerPark La Crusc
Legends Theme Trail - SummerPark La Crusc

Rëgn de Fanes

La Crusc SummerPark is... a legend! It offers a journey through ancient tales, letting you discover fantastic creatures such as dragons, not to mention warrior princesses and gallant princes, where each game station evokes one of the legends of the mythical Kingdom of the Fanes. The adventure can be accompanied by special booklets, available at the entrance to the park, that tell of the Princess Dolasilla, Queen Moltina, the ancient Aurona Kingdom and the fierce dragon of Sas dla Crusc!

Mini zoo - SummerPark La Crusc

Mini zoo

What fun! The mini zoo at the La Crusc SummerPark lets junior visitors get to know plenty of cute little animals, such as rabbits, donkeys, dwarf goats and even exotic alpacas! These furry friends are there to cuddle, to stroke and to love. 

Tru di tiers

Let the (treasure) hunt begin! A trail for the whole family, featuring numerous friendly animals that dwell in the high mountains, all ready to tell you about themselves, their lives and their habitats. At the end of the trail, another surprise... or even two: the emerald beauty of the lake known as the Lech Dlá Lé... and a well-deserved reward for junior explorers who have managed the challenge of completing the treasure hunt and collecting all the stamps! 

How does it work? Collect your maps from the Lé Refuge, then follow in the footsteps of the animals – with matching stamps at each station – and, following the clues, collect the little balls that lead to the treasure. Once they have completed both routes, junior explorers collect a well-deserved prize at the starting point!

Snowcat SummerPark La Crusc

Le iat dala nëi

La Crusc offers a snowstorm of adventures! Yes, even in summer, when the snowcat awakes... and a dream begins: riding aboard a real piste groomer!

Photo exhibition SummerPark La Crusc

Mostra de fotografies

Nature, Art and Culture all meet in the heart of the SummerPark, in a little wooden hut that welcomes guests with a photo exhibition that each year is dedicated to a different theme. There is also a selection of picture books to browse through between your adventures in the great outdoors!

Workation la crusc dolomiti

Lauré tla natöra

From the greyness of the office to a riot of greenery: your creativity will take wing amid the peaks! And, once you switch off your PC, relaxation is just around the corner: full immersion... in a wonderful natural world!

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Refuge Le in Badia
Rifugio Nagler estate Alta Badia

Les saus dla tradiziun

A trip to La Crusc SummerPark is an experience for all the senses, a journey through scents, colours and... the flavours of Ladin tradition, all just waiting to be savoured on the sun-kissed terraces of the and Nagler refuges, while junior explorers can have fun in the nearby playgrounds, or cuddle with the animals in the mini zoo.

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