Enjoy the ladin way of life in Alta Badia

Mountain biking at the Santa Croce refuge

Mountain biking in La Crusc

Alta Badia on two wheels

The wind in your hair, freedom beneath your wheels, spectacular views before you: e-biking or old-school cycling? The trails of Alta Badia will make every cyclist’s heart beat that little bit faster... and not just because of the climb!

MTB passion in Alta Badia

In Alta Badia, all paths lead to the summit of adventure! There is a vast range of trails dedicated both to those who dream of the electric thrill of demanding technical trails, and to those who seek the harmony of a peaceful outing surrounded by the scents and colours of the forests and flowering meadows. Every ride at La Crusc is a delight, all against the backdrop of the magical Dolomites... breathtaking in every sense! 

Would you prefer the fun of downhilling to the intensity of pedalling? At La Crusc you can conveniently load your MTB on either of the lifts – without breaking sweat – to reach the pilgrimage church at the foot of Sas dla Crusc, the starting point for every excursion into this mountainous wonderland. Looking for inspiration? Browse the itineraries and choose the perfect adventure for you! Were you looking forward to mastering the Dolomites on your mountain bike – but had to leave it at home? Now worries – there are several bike rental shops in Badia (including one close to the valley station of the ski lift) where you can choose your perfect bike... and that’s not all: Dolomite Biking offers a team of expert cyclists who know the area like the back of their hand, and can accompany you in safety on your MTB adventure. No brakes: fun here means freewheeling! 

The rules of a good biker

And, for a safe outing with complete peace of mind, here are some rules and tips for a carefree tour on two wheels:

  1. Remember that you are not alone on the trails at the foot of the Sas dla Crusc: you will encounter not only experienced bikers like yourself, but also hikers. Mutual respect is a must! 
  2. For a safe outing, use your head, and protect it with a helmet – no ifs or buts. 
  3. How well do you really know yourself? Keep within your physical abilities and only attempt adventures that are within your capacity. The trails of La Crusc offer adventures for all levels.
  4. When was the last time you checked your bike? You should only set off if every last screw is in place and every tyre is inflated to the right pressure. And, to be on the safe side, always carry a repair kit with you – just in case.
  5. The Dolomites are our home, our identity, our roots. They are a marvel to be treated with the utmost respect and care so as to allow everyone to admire them at their finest. Respect them and do not leave any litter or waste: collect it, put it in your pocket or rucksack and take it back down to the valley. The environment will thank you... and so will we!
  6. The magical atmosphere of La Crusc invites visitors to savour every moment spent in the natural world. The presence of such beauty makes it is easy to forget the clock... but it’s best to start your return journey in good time.

Please note that the suggested routes are not dedicated bike trails, but are footpaths or forest roads used by hikers, vehicles and animals (both wild and domestic). We therefore cannot guarantee their practicability or safety and cannot accept any liability for physical and/or material damage.

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